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The town of Vlora is situated on the south-west of Albania in 147 kilometres from Tirana. It was declared the first capital of independent Albania. The first monuments of ancient ages located in the town are dated by the 6th century B.C. At that period Vlora was mentioned rather frequently as an important port for ships directing to Otranto and Brindisi as well as a terminal point between two other Albanian antique towns of Butrint and Apollonia.



The Historical Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Independence, Porto Palermo Fortress, Muradie Mosque, and antique amphitheatre Oricum dated by the 1st century B.C. are the main sights of the town.

There is the island of Sazani opposite Vlora. Because of its vantage geographical position Sazani has always been, and remains a strategically important point for all the times and states.



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