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In the south of the country tourists have a possibility to visit a unique archaeological open-air museum named Butrint, which is situated 160 kilometres from Tirana near the border between Albania and Greece. From this place which is spread out along the shore of the lake, having the same name, one can reach the coast of the Mediterranean Sea very quickly. It is only two kilometres from Butrint.


Ancient ruins of Butrint are justifiably considered to be a real pearl of the Adriatic. The poet Virgil claimed that this settlement was established by the Trojans. But although this territory was explored thoroughly, no evidence of this has yet been found. Frankly speaking, local people still think that they are descendants of glorious Troy.


During long-lasting centuries Butrint was a large trading town secured by fortifications and had its own acropolis (its ruins still can be visited nowadays). There were also recreation houses for local grand people. There are ruins of the ancient theatre dated by the 3rd century B.C. in the thick forest some lower of the acropolis. In its suburbs one can see local thermae decorated with original geometrical mosaics and a wall with inscriptions in Ancient Greek language (the 6th century B.C.). All these things are decorated with unique mosaic images of animals and birds.



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