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Bus service of Albania


Bus is the only means of transportation in Albanis. A ticket costs 30 lek, all the tickets in country are absolutely the same. It is almost impossible to tell about where the bus-stations are situated, there are no stations and special ticket-offices. There is no schedule you can find.




Intercity buses.

You can find a lot of fixed-run taxies which run in different directions within the country. It is not that simple, it is always necessary to verify where a taxi goes to. There are the places where such buses are to be found in every Albanian town. If you ask a local in the street, he will help you find such a place for sure.


Taking into account that there are no ticket-offices available you can buy your ticket on the bus. Make sure you know the price of the trip before you have taken the bus because the price can be surprisingly increased by the end of your trip. The buses are leaving in the period between 6 am and 8 am, that means that if you are late or decided to take a bus a bit later, the chance is big that your trip will continue only on the following day. That concerns mostly the buses which go to the south of Albania. The buses that connect the main towns are running more o less on regular basis.


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