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Climate of Albania

Mild subtropical climate with a dry hot summer (the average temperature is +27°C) and humid cool winter (the average temperature is +5°C), typical of the whole Mediterranean region, prevails in Albania. In general the temperature depends directly upon the altitude above the sea level.

Precipitation (about 800 mm annually) falls predominantly in autumn and spring seasons. In the mountain areas where the climate is much colder (during frosty periods, temperature drops down to -20°C), precipitation quantity rises sharply and reaches up to 900-1,200 mm on the eastern hillsides and up to 2,000-2,600 mm on the western ones. On the altitudes higher than 1,000 meters above the sea level snow cover rests during several months.







Tourist season lasts from May to September (the warmest month is July, up to +38°C), but even in October and April the weather can be enough favourable for recreation.

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