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Education in Albania


The system of education and professional education in Albania comprises two main directions:

1. Basic professional education and training which is controlled by the Ministry of Science and Education.

2. Continuous professional education and training under the auspicies of the Ministry of Labour, Social Work and Equal Possibilities.




Proffesional education you can acquire on the basis of the basic compulsory education in professional technical schools. That consists of two levels:

- for qualified workers; a three-year course that can help you to find a job or continue your educatin on a higher level;

- for technical and management employees; a five-year course (for those who have only basic compulsory education) and a two-year course (for those who have finished the first level of professional education) that will help you to find a job or to get further university education.


At the moment the part of basic professional education in the existing system of education in Albania takes only 11% and with all the socio-cultural establishments – about 17 %. The mail part of the students in this system study in gymnasuiums (83%). Nowadays there are nine state centers of professional education that are situated in the biggest towns of Albania. The short-term courses are offered (1 up to 6 months). The most popular of them the computer courses and the language courses, too.

Besides state institutions there are educational centers that are not the property of the state. , but have license from Ministry of Science an Education. Such institutions offer long-term professional preparation.


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